How do atoms&molecules differ?

Answer Matter can be broken down into incrementally smaller and smaller pieces. Two of the smallest particles are atoms and molecules, and they have a very specific relationship to each other.Atoms Define... Read More »

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How do reptiles and mammals differ?

Reptiles and mammals are both considered to be animals. They are vertebrate animals (animals with a backbone), which consist of four leg-like appendages. Although sharing a common ancestor called t... Read More »

How do rods&cones differ in the eye?

The human eye is a complex organ that is responsible for vision. There are a variety of components that help the eye see, two of which are the rods and the cones. They each have different roles, bu... Read More »

How do the marines and army differ?

The Marines are a component of the Department of the Navy, and the Army is a component of the Department of the Army. Also, the Army and Marine Corps have different force structures, missions, and ... Read More »

How do paper towels differ?

In 1931, when E. Irvin Scott first introduced paper towels, no one could have guessed that the disposable towels would boom into a huge industry. With the growth of the tissue market, manufacturers... Read More »