How do art&music help people with depression?

Answer Severe forms of depression require medication or therapy. But for some minor forms of depression, all that may be required to help the patient cope with the disease is positive engagement with art ... Read More »

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Why is it that people like me with depression never get the help wee need from doctors?

you don't need a doctor or pills, you need to put it in your mind that you can and will do it , use the power of your mind to over come then tell your doctor he/she will be really grateful along wi... Read More »

How did the depression affect people?

The effects of the Great Depression were as varied as the individuals who experienced them. However, it was certainly a time of great hardship for most of those who were touched by it.Unemployment... Read More »

How many people in Canada suffer from depression?

Within a given year, between 4 to 5 percent of Canadians will suffer from depression. Based on the Canada's current population, this makes the number of sufferers around 1.5 million.Source:Depressi... Read More »

How do people act and feel when they have clinical depression?

Distinguishing between clinical depression and a case of "the blues" isn't always easy. Deciding when ordinary mood swings indicate a more serious problem requires looking at several different crit... Read More »