How do antidepressants help opiate addiction?

Answer Struggling with opiate addiction can be long and painful. Rehabilitation plans and treatments aim at speeding recovery. Antidepressants are now used to treat patients who have opiate addictions, wi... Read More »

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Can antidepressants ( such as venlafixne) help alleviate chronic pain?

Definitely. One of the side effects is the anesthetic affect on nerves. We used it in our practice for chronic pain syndromes.

Drug addiction help...?

ok first off to the chick that said you can't be addicted to weed, thats bs, you can...second i think that you should def seek professional help, he won't get over his addiction without it, there's... Read More »

Where can you go for help for inhalant addiction?

When a person is addicted to "huffing" (purposefully inhaling chemical vapors to become high), he will often turn to common household products as the substance that delivers the best trip. Treatmen... Read More »

Vicodin Addiction, Help Please! :(?

Tough situation... Here's a little background on what you are dealing with:Vicodin is a synthetic opioid. In other words: it is an opiate. Commonly prescribed medication in this class include codei... Read More »