How do annoy your big sister?

Answer Why do you want to annoy her? She is your sister and you should be nice her. You are lucky to have a big sister: many people don't.

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What is something that you can say to annoy your sister?

just saying it's not good to annoy your sister but if you want to you can do pranks, jump on her back, or just talk to much.

How can you annoy your little sister?

Why would you want to do this? As the older one you should be nice to her and spend time with her. You are lucky to have a little sister that(or one day will) look up to you. When you get older you... Read More »

How do you annoy your sister?

Well sisters are kind to you. I've got a little sister and we are always sharing and caring for each other. But sometimes they can be annoying so here is three positive things to kind of annoy your... Read More »

How can you annoy a sister?

I have a sister so I know! Here are some things:-Sit on top of her-Bite her head-Tell her secrets to her friends-Mess up her bedThose are all the ones I can think of right now. Sorry! But if you ha... Read More »