How do americans spend their time?

Answer According to, the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor statistics released the results of the 2008 American Time Use Survey---conducted the by the Census Bureau---which evaluates how ... Read More »

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Why most women don't mind if their husband spend time with their brothers but she can't stand if they spend little time with their sisters?

Jealousy. Other woman sharing love is instinctively resented, be it mother-in-law or sister-in-law or secretary.

Why do girls spend so much energy and time on their looks?

If only all guys thought like you. Where can I meet someone like you?

Why do hundreds of people spend their free time reverting vandalism on wikipedia. Are they bored?

No, they're operating under the misguided notion that they're actually helping to shape the most authoritative general knowledge reference.The truth is that they're participating in a gigantic MMPO... Read More »

Do you think some parents simply don't set aside enough time to spend with their children?

I think that a bigger problem is not spending the right kind of time with kids. I mean, sitting in the same room watching tv is not the same as going for a walk, playing games or even just sitting ... Read More »