How do airplane propellers work?

Answer Airplane propellers use their aerodynamic surfaces to change air pressure, thrusting an aircraft forward or, in the case of reverse-thrust propellers, slowing them down.Principles of LiftAn aircraf... Read More »

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How Airplane Engines Work?

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Does Siri work in airplane mode?

Do Jet Skis have propellers?

Jet Skis have an impeller, which acts like a propeller but technically is not. It works more like a corkscrew than a fan. Part of a pump, it fits inside a tube and forces the water through which pr... Read More »

How Can I Tell What Propellers I Need for My Boats?

Boating is an outdoor sport that provides sunshine, fresh air and a mode of transportation over a body of water. Choosing the right propeller for your boat is vital to its performance. Its helps th... Read More »