How do a fool a program into believing that I have more RAM than I actualy have?

Answer As far as i know its not possible.. but there might be a solution... as u are having 2 Gb of RAM, but its showing lesser then that because some part of memory might be shared with ur graphics memor... Read More »

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Boys, what do u actualy know about periods?

Well I know I have six of them each day at school and thats it.

What does the frequency info on a processor actualy mean?

Today, the CPU clockspeed is barely a factor of speed.Its a VERY common myth that alot of inexperienced people believe. GHZ (Gigahertz) or clock (frequency) is simply the clock at which the compute... Read More »

What evidence is there that pre-school actualy helps out little children?

Yes. Here are a couple of articles:……P.S.- There is a difference between a preschool and a daycare, but daycares... Read More »

What does"believing anything you hear"mean?

The phrase "believing anything you hear" is used to describe people who are gullible and naive. It describes people who lack the impulse to doubt or mistrust something told to them by other people,... Read More »