How do Wireless Printers work?

Answer Most wireless printers work with a router . Others work with teh bluetooth concept . As for the other part of your question, you do not necessarily have to be in the same room as teh router to prin... Read More »

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How fast do wireless printers work?

The speed of a wireless printer depends on its resolution, type of printer, and whether the document is being printed in color or in black-and-white. Typical printer speeds are 20 ppm for black-and... Read More »

Recommended Wireless Printers?

Wireless printers provide convenience for a household, business or other place that has high demand for print documents. Standard printers require users to transfer the document to the computer con... Read More »

Cheap wireless printers?

they're mutually exclusive. cheap = poorly made and problematic and expensive ink cartridges which will take away more money than you saved buying "cheap."Epson wins for best price/feature comparis... Read More »

Are MacBook Air's Compatible with all wireless printers?

Only if they have the software for them!Oh and check out your nearest Mac User Group!