How do Wikipedia and youtube work The quality is much to good to be free.?

Answer Wikipedia purely works off donations, see…YouTube is a google company, and they use advertisements, they haven't been able to turn over a substantial profi... Read More »

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Where Can I download youtube videos for FREE with good quality?

Here ya go... it's off of so it's safe. I have it on my computer too.…

Can anyone recommend a FREE good quality easy to use Youtube video downloader?

Ok, I've got the real answer, unlike all these other users. There's a neat free site, called . I use this site, and it's free and has no spam. It works quite well. So... Read More »

Camera to get for good quality YouTube videos ?

Check out for Canon T4i its the latest model you can go for.

Is this a good quality camera for making youtube videos?

Not really. I would go with Canon VIXIA HF M500 instead of sony.