How do Venus Fly Traps reproduce?

Answer The Venus Fly Trap is a fascinating plant. It is carnivorous, relying on insects for nourishment. A light touch over its eyelash-like hairs causes the petals to gently and firmly close. Despite its... Read More »

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Venus fly traps?

They produce seeds and offsets which can be removed and planted separately... I know its a strange or exotic plant but dont waste your time growing one... They live less than a year inside a tereri... Read More »

What do Venus fly traps eat?

A Venus flytrap eats insects that are lured into its jaw-like traps. The traps secrete a sweet-smelling substance to lure the insects, and the traps close when the trigger hairs are stimulated. The... Read More »

Are venus fly traps multicellular?

Venus flytraps, like all higher plants, are multicellular organisms that use photosynthesis to fix carbon into sugar molecules. However, Venus flytraps--and other carnivorous plants--supplement the... Read More »

Habitat of Venus Fly Traps?

The Venus flytrap is a perennial plant that belongs to the Dionaea muscipula genus. These plants capture insects by folding their leaves over the prey and require little soil nutrition. The Venus... Read More »