How do Vegan-Vegetarian mothers breast-feed there new borns?

Answer I would imagine in the same way that a carnivore breast-feeds their newborn. Duh!

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Is it wrong for mothers to not breast feed if they're able to do so?

I am going to get thumbs down for this and frankly I don't care... I don't consider it "wrong" but I do consider it "selfish". The KEY to the question is "if they are able to do so" .. health prob... Read More »

A Question To Mothers Who Breast Feed And to anyone else who wants to state their opinion?

I saw which question you're referring to and yes, sometimes people can be a bit harsh, but that's what this site is for...even annoying opinions...I'm so glad for women who breastfeed...that's grea... Read More »

What type of nurse should you be if you want to care for mothers before and after birth and new borns as well but you dont want to actually deliver them?

It's not the nurses that deliver babies. The midwifes and doctors do that. So you could be a nurse specialized in infants. Don't know what it's called where you are.

Adults who were brought up Vegetarian/Vegan from a young age did you stay Vegetarian/Vegan ?

I wasn't brought up vegetarian but I tried my best to be! I ate basically no meat. When I was two years old I gave my dad a black eye because he wouldn't let the animals in the zoo out of their cag... Read More »