How do TV court shows work?

Answer TV court shows are designed to look like dramatic trials, with bickering litigants and an often short-tempered judge, but they are actually private arbitration hearings. You can get money if you wi... Read More »

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I understand they pay people who appear on TV court shows. Are the rulings of the judges on the shows legal and can they be enforced?

Answer The participants agree to abide by the rulings of the "judge" and sign legal contracts to that effect. The contracts are well-written legal documents specific to the issues at hand and can e... Read More »

Do court shows pay people?

Around£ 12 Million - 28 Million dollars a year

Are tv court shows real?

no its not. they are real cases but, they are paid to settle out of court. then they come and act out there disputes on the show

Do people get paid for going on Court TV shows?

Production companies for Court TV pay any damages awarded, thus removing the risk for everyone involved. Some Court TV shows pay both parties a fee on top of this to give both plaintiffs and defen... Read More »