How do Palm Trees reproduce?

Answer Trees seeds are on their branches and the wind blows the seeds off the tree and the seed blows in the wind until the seed it landed at another tree. This is how trees reproduce.

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How Do Oak Trees Reproduce?

The transformation of a tiny acorn into a huge oak tree comes after an intricate chain of events. Before an oak can grow to a grand old age, nature must first oversee the process of pollenation, fe... Read More »

How do pine trees reproduce?

There are many different types of pine trees that grow throughout the world. One thing all pine trees have in common is their method of reproduction and the fact that they are capable of self-polli... Read More »

How Do Bonsai Trees Reproduce?

Bonsai trees are propagated in the same way as other trees and plants. Because a fine bonsai specimen is often very old, propagating bonsai is the first step in many years of care and training. ... Read More »

Do pine trees reproduce asexually?

Asexual reproduction in trees is a means of replicating without the production of seeds. Pine trees are conifers or cone-bearing trees, and conifers generally do not sprout when cut down. There are... Read More »