How do Mexicans make religious pilgrimages?

Answer Many Mexicans make religious pilgrimages on foot or on their knees, traveling for days to the Catholic shrine where they intend to pray and complete a penance or make a request of the Virgin Mary o... Read More »

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How do Mexicans traditionally make religious pilgrimages?

Mexicans pilgrimage sites each have their own unique set of traditions. While Mexico is a predominately Roman Catholic country, its religious places and pilgrimage traditions usually mix Catholici... Read More »

How come Americans make better Mexican food than true Mexicans do?

LMAO...I am going to assume you were joking.You were, right???People get upset too easily.......oh and lump entire societies together based on one person's comments. That seems more ignorant than ... Read More »

Why were pilgrimages important?

Whether landing on the shores of North America to pursue religious freedom, or trudging through the heat of the Persian Gulf desert, pilgrims intrinsically seek something greater than themselves.Si... Read More »

What kind of pilgrimages are there?

The word "pilgrimage" comes from the Latin "peregrinum," meaning a journey over a great distance. A pilgrimage is both a spiritual and physical journey to a specific destination---often a site or s... Read More »