How do Kurdish women dress?

Answer Clothing is an important part of Kurdish heritage. Kurdish women are expected to dress modestly. They show their sense of style by choosing vibrant fabric patterns for their outfits.Traditional ou... Read More »

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How to Learn Key Phrases in Kurdish?

Kurdistan is now split between Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Kurdish language is spoken in two main dialects: Sorani (in East and South of Kurdistan) and Kurmanji (in West and North of Kurdistan).E... Read More »

How to Dress Like Mad Men Women?

The popular AMC TV show is starting a new wave of 1950's and 1960's fashions. Bits and pieces of Mad Men style is everywhere making it ease to dress up like the women of Mad Men. Follow these tips ... Read More »

How do women dress in Cuba?

Cuban is a tropical island ninety miles from the southernmost tip of the United States. Cuban women routinely wear lightweight clothing made from linen or cotton fabric. Latin-American style clothi... Read More »

How do women dress professionally?

While more businesses have adopted casual dress codes, there are still many corporations that adhere to a business professional style of dress. For women, this can actually be one of the easier war... Read More »