How do I zip files using WinZip?

Answer Locate the FolderLocate the folder you wish to compress. Right-click the folder. In the menu that appears, select "Add to WinZip."Compress the FolderWait for WinZip to open. Click "Add" and allow W... Read More »

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How do I compress files in XP or WinZip?

Compressing files in XP using WinZipRight-click on the file or folder you wish to compress and a drop-down menu will open. Roll your mouse over the "Send To" option, then click on the "Compresses F... Read More »

Can I zip MPEG files in WinZip?

WinZip and similar programs compress MPEGs into Zip files. However, MPEG files are heavily compressed already, so the Zip file will be about the same size as the MPEG file it contains.Source:Micros... Read More »

Can I unzip files without WinZip?

With Windows XP and later, WinZip is not required for unzipping files with the ZIP extension. Beginning with Windows XP, the operating system includes built-in support for extracting ZIP files. If ... Read More »

Password Recovery for WinZip Encrypted Files?

WinZip, a compression utility designed for Windows users to compress their files, is a powerful tool; perhaps too powerful, as you might find when you forget the password to your zipped file. If yo... Read More »