How do I write on a document that I just scanned onto my PC?

Answer Hi AbbasDown the Free software called "FREEocr" It will read your document and convert it to text automatically and put it in Ms Word. Very good program especially since it is FREE as is... Read More »

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I've scanned a document with Adobe & I want to change the text in the document. How can I do that?

You will need an OCR software to do it. Usually with printer softwares you get an OCR software free. Or try to download it from any printer sites like HP or Lexmark...All the best...

How do i edit a document i just scanned?

If it is txt, you will need an OCR program. It it is an image, use Paint, Photo-shop or GIMP which is a free download and works very well.

It is possible that they can use my fully scanned document?

yes they can use all your information, maybe before you send any information to somebody make sure its legitimate agency or person, search all possible way in internet.. call me kuya radz.

Can I edit a printed page that I have scanned onto a pc?

Use an Image editor like for editing pictures. Text is a very simple image, to the computer at least. To look for the document on disk, go offline, NEVER do this while online and especially with M... Read More »