How do I write checks from a checking account?

Answer Put in Name or Company on CheckWrite the name of the person or company receiving the check on the line marked by "Pay to the Order Of." If you are paying a bill, then be sure to get the complete na... Read More »

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How do i order checks for a checking account?

Personal BankGo to your bank. Ask a teller for a check request slip. Checks may be purchased for a fee or given free of charge, depending on your type of bank and loyalty program. Fill out all of t... Read More »

How do I deposit checks made out to me personally into my corporate checking account?

Ask NicelyGo into the bank and talk face-to-face with a teller, preferably one with whom you have worked before. Explain that the check is actually to the business, but was made out to you by mista... Read More »

Can i deposit american express gift checks into a checking account?

Most banks will accept American Express Gift Checks for deposit into a checking account, provided that the check is made out to a person named on the account and that the signature on both lines of... Read More »

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