How do I write a 301 redirect from my main directory to a sub-directory?

Answer 301 is very close to 360, which of course is a complete circle. so it would come back towards you.Try a 180 to go away from you..

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How to run a batch file from another directory?

Instead of a batch file calling another batch file, try creating a shortcut on the Desktop that points to your batch file directly. That's more efficient, anyway.

How to Remove Programs From Application Data Directory?

The Application Data Directory is the repository of data for the program applications installed on your hard drive. These files contain personal profile data, configuration data, and other informat... Read More »

How do I get a LinkedIn profile removed from a search directory?

Hide Your Profile From SearchesOn the LinkedIn website, click on "Profile." On the right side of the screen, choose "Edit Public Profile Settings." Click the "None off" button.References:"Sams Teac... Read More »

How do I remove active directory from Windows 2000 server?

Active Directory WizardClick "Start," "Run" and type "DCPROMO" in the text field. The Active Directory installation wizard appears. Click "Next" and check the following box if this is your last dom... Read More »