How do I wrap a toga costume?

Answer Position an unfitted, twin bed sheet or a long, wide strip of cloth horizontally. Fold it in half, making it thinner but still long. Wrap the cloth once around your waist or just beneath your armpi... Read More »

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How do I make a toga costume?

Measure enough material to wrap around your body at least two times, with length left over. Choose material less than 3-feet wide. Traditionally, the material should be white, but colors will add a... Read More »

How do I make a toga costume for women?

Purchase a flat sheet or a piece of cloth that is four times your height. Drape one short end of the fabric over your left shoulder, with the end hanging down to your knees. Take the end of fabric ... Read More »

How do I make a female toga costume?

Use a sheet or a piece of fabric three to four times your height. Place one end of the fabric over your left shoulder. Bring the back end of the fabric behind your back and under your armpit, bring... Read More »

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Using plastic wrap is a TERRIBLE choice. Do not have sex if you can not at least afford a condomn or suffer the possible consequences such as STD's and unwanted pregnancy. Plastic wrap can have man... Read More »