How do I wrap a foot?

Answer Wrapping a foot can prevent injury and help an existing injury heal. It's important to properly wrap the foot though if you want to reap all the benefits and prevent further injury. You can choose ... Read More »

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Do you need to wrap a broken foot with an ace bandage?

A broken foot needs to be wrapped or splinted until you are able to get to the doctor and get it X-Rayed. If it is truly broken, it will need to be put in a cast for a while. For additional First A... Read More »

How to Wrap a Foot for a Night Splint?

Using a night splint on a foot is a method doctors use for specific conditions, rather than for injuries, at least, for the most part. Night splints are specifically made for helping those with hea... Read More »

What if you have sex using plastic wrap as protection but the wrap was sucure and did not rip tear or open at all and the sex was only about 30 to 40 seconds long and he did not come?

Using plastic wrap is a TERRIBLE choice. Do not have sex if you can not at least afford a condomn or suffer the possible consequences such as STD's and unwanted pregnancy. Plastic wrap can have man... Read More »

How many gallons are in a 4 foot by 12 foot by 18 foot round swimming pool?

Answer Multiply all the numbers to get the volume of the pool in cubic feet. Then divide by 7.5. That assumes the water is filled to a height of four feet. Some above-ground pools have 52" wall... Read More »