How do I withdraw funds from a 403b retirement account?

Answer Contact Your Financial InstitutionThe financial institution that has your 403b retirement account will have an institution-specific form for you to complete to take a withdrawal from your 403b plan... Read More »

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How to Withdraw Funds From a 403b Retirement Account?

There are a number of retirement accounts available to Americans. In addition to the popular 401k and IRA plans, there is the 403b tax-sheltered annuity plan. It is similar to other retirement plan... Read More »

How to Withdraw Money From 403B Mutual Funds to Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

While it should not be your first choice, the time may come when withdrawing money from your 403(b) to pay bills makes sense. If you find yourself paying high interest rates and making only the min... Read More »

How to Withdraw Retirement Funds?

Your retirement account provides a nest egg for the later years of your life. As this investment continues to grow, it is important to understand how to withdraw retirement funds once the time is r... Read More »

What is a 403b retirement account?

A 403b plan is a tax-advantaged retirement account that a nonprofit employer offers its employees. It is similar to a 401k plan that a for-profit company offers its employees.EligibilityYou can con... Read More »