How do I wipe the Hard Drive of everything EXCEPT Win XP Pro and MS Office 2003?

Answer Here's your answer.…Your computer has a recovery partition built in that will allow you to reinstall Windows and clear personal info.

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How to Wipe a Hard Drive with DOS?

Sometimes it is necessary to erase and reformat your computer's hard drive. It may be that you've encountered a serious problem with Windows and need a clean slate, or you may want to safely dispos... Read More »

Is there a way to wipe my hard drive!?

Wipe my Mac External Hard drive using a PC?

Well, this is really hard if your external hard drive is specially designed for Mac. If you can, try wipe your external on your friend's Mac following the trick: Read More »

Wipe hard drive completely?

Well there is only one way to do that. You have to manually go into each folder and delete what you do not want. You can use control panel- add/remove programs to delete programs that you do not wa... Read More »