How do I wipe the Hard Drive of everything EXCEPT Win XP Pro and MS Office 2003?

Answer Here's your answer.…Your computer has a recovery partition built in that will allow you to reinstall Windows and clear personal info.

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How do I wipe a hard drive of all data?

Permanent WipeApply a strong magnet directly to the surface of the hard drive. Move it around as if you were trying to draw on the drive. In addition, driving a nail through the drive will ensure t... Read More »

How to Wipe a Hard Drive in Vista?

The Windows Vista operating system can not read a hard drive unless it has been formatted so as to be compatible with it. You can wipe a hard drive so that there is no data on it by formatting it u... Read More »

How do i completely wipe a hard drive?

Software MethodsBack up anything you want saved to a secondary drive, flash card or external hard drive. Download and install a formatting program---Darik's Boot and Nuke, WipeDrive and Kill Disk a... Read More »

Is there a way to wipe my hard drive!?