How do I wipe clean hard drives for the purpose of donation?

Answer Your personal computer holds critical and sensitive information that needs to be protected, even when you no longer have a use for the computer. The choice to donate old computers to a charitable o... Read More »

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How to Wipe & Reformat Hard Drives?

If you want to erase data from a hard drive or prepare a hard drive for use in a computer, you can wipe and reformat the drive using a built-in command on your computer. This command wipes out the ... Read More »

How do i wipe clean a hard drive?…Zilla Data Nuker, it's free

How do I wipe a hard drive clean?

Download or purchase a wipe program. Disk-wiping programs are programs that overwrite the data on your computer with meaningless ones and zeros. Click on the downloaded application or the applicati... Read More »

Is it possible to completely wipe your hard drive clean?

It depends on who's trying to find things on your hard drive.