How do I winterize hibiscus plants?

Answer Tropical HibiscusMove tropical hibiscus indoors for the winter. Pot in a mix of two parts peat moss, two parts soil and one part vermiculite. They don't like sudden changes, so, the University of ... Read More »

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How do I winterize garden plants?

Clean the GardenRemove dead plants or weeds from the garden with a small garden shovel. Cut off dead stems or leaves. Remove the plants that show signs of disease. Cut your perennials back so they ... Read More »

How do i winterize rosemary plants?

Garden BedsWinterize rosemary plants by adding a thick layer of soft mulch, such as bark, around the base of rosemary plants in the garden. Rosemary is hardy and able to withstand frost; however, s... Read More »

Are hibiscus plants poisonous?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the hibiscus, otherwise known as Rose of Sharon, is toxic to dogs, cats and horses. They are in the toxicity cate... Read More »

How do i start hibiscus plants?

Take about 15 to 20 cuttings from the softwood, or new growth, in spring or summer from a well-established hibiscus plant. Cuttings should be about the length of a pencil. Trim all but one or two l... Read More »