How do I whitewash a brick fireplace?

Answer Whitewashing a Brick FireplaceMake the whitewash by mixing a 50-lb. bag of Ivory hydrated lime and 10 lbs. of table salt. Mix in white Portland cement, and the whitewash will last longer. Add water... Read More »

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How do I paint brick with whitewash?

Apply the WhitewashTest an inconspicuous area of brick to make sure you like the color before painting the entire brick structure. Mix the whitewash paint in a large paint tray. Mix a combination o... Read More »

How to Whitewash a Stone Fireplace?

Whitewashing is a painting technique used to create a semi-transparent look on wood and stone. When applied to a stone fireplace, the white is transparent enough to allow the mortar and texture of ... Read More »

How do i cover up a brick fireplace?

A brick fireplace is not always a high point of a home. If your new or existing home has a brick fireplace that you want to cover up, there are several ways to go about it. Many materials can be us... Read More »

How do i paint an old red brick fireplace?

Prime the fireplace using a latex primer and a long nap roller brush; one good coat of primer is sufficient. Allow the primer to dry.Select a latex paint color of your choice. Apply a base coat of ... Read More »