How do I wear wedding ring sets?

Answer A wedding ring set consists of an engagement ring and a wedding band. The wedding band is typically placed on the left ring finger first.Place the engagement ring on the left ring finger next to th... Read More »

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How to Wear a Wedding Ring?

Your wedding ring is a symbol of love, trust, dedication, loyalty, and maybe even religion or faith. Wearing your ring also signals clearly to others that you and your spouse are fully committed to... Read More »

Which hand does a man wear his wedding ring on?

A man wears his wedding ring, or band, on the ring finger of his left hand, same as a woman, as this is considered to be the finger closest to the heart. The ring finger is the finger next to the p... Read More »

How Long Should a Widower Wear a Wedding Ring?

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Which side does a man wear his wedding ring on?

A man, just like a woman, typically wears his wedding ring on the left hand, on his left ring finger. It is worn on the left-hand finger because that finger is historically considered to be connect... Read More »