How do I wear rosary beads?

Answer Roman Catholics use rosary beads to help them count a specific number of prayers. Although the rosary is not an item of jewelry, people who frequently pray the rosary sometimes wear it discretely b... Read More »

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How do i say the rosary beads?

Make the sign of the cross. Recite the apostle's creed on the rosary crucifix, followed by one Our Father, three Hail Marys and a Glory Be. The apostle's creed is as follows: I believe in God, the ... Read More »

How to Buy the Perfect Rosary Beads?

You need to pick out a new rosary. The problem is, when you walk in the religious store, there are SO many rosary beads to choose from! Blue chain rosaries, white rosaries, pink rosaries, black ros... Read More »

How many small beads are in the rosary?

The rosary is a devotional Catholic prayer in which a string of beads is used to keep count as the prayers are recited. A rosary contains 53 small beads and six large beads. The large beads denote ... Read More »

How do I hold Rosary beads?

Holding the RosaryThere is no right or wrong way to hold a Rosary, it is simply an aide to prayer. Some believe that it is proper to cup the cross in one hand, not allowing it to swing, but this is... Read More »