How do I wear a sports bra for support?

Answer Find a sports bra that suits your figure. Some women need more support than others. If you are a full C cup or beyond, look for a sports bra with cups like a standard bra.Make sure the bra fits pro... Read More »

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How to Support an Awful Sports Team?

Is your local NFL team so bad that you stopped watching them every Sunday? Is your local NBA, NHL, or MLB team so hideous that every win they get comes as a surprise? Do you ever wonder how fans of... Read More »

What to wear on sports day?

I wear a tshirt tucked into some trackie shorts :) looks good and comfortable!

When is it appropriate to wear a sports jacket?

On One Hand: Business CasualA sports jacket is a business casual piece of clothing, especially when paired with khakis or pressed trousers. This is an appropriate outfit for wearing to most day job... Read More »

Sports for girls that wear eyeglasses?

i think the best thing to do is persuade yoru mother differently. Not everyone has problems iwth contacts and there are new materials out all teh time. I had contacts at 13. Suggest you ask her for... Read More »