How do I wear a leotard?

Answer Remove undergarments and pull on a pair of opaque tights if you are a dancer. Enter the leotard by stepping through the neck and pulling the leotard upward until it is on the body and over the tigh... Read More »

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How do I wear a leotard with leggings?

Workout LookLook like you're fresh from the dance or aerobics studio by wearing a boxy T-shirt over a leotard. If you prefer a more modest look, wear opaque leggings under the leotard. Lace legging... Read More »

What do I wear under my ballet leotard?

You can buy something called a tan bra at most dance shops. If you have a small chest it doesnt have underwires in but some you can get them with them in(for a bigger chest really). They have clear... Read More »

Why would your mother not let you wear your leotard outside of dance class when you want it for early morning jogs?

Answer I dont know. Is she old fashion and think that you have to dress a certain way to dance then to job? Is she worried about what people think? What does she have to say about this? They do ma... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Dance Leotard & a Gymnastics Leotard?

Dance teachers and gymnastics coaches can be very particular about what they want students to wear. Though the attire for these sports is similar, deciphering the difference between leotards can be... Read More »