How do I water house plants with softened water?

Answer Flush Old SaltsHold the house plant over your sink and pour a large amount of room temperature, softened water. This will flush the old salts out and will reduce the amount of sodium to the soil.Le... Read More »

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If you add softened water to a swimming pool with hard water rather than draining and refilling how could the addition of soft water be corrosive?

The corrosive properties of water are not affected by its hardness. This is a common misconception that can be explained by the types of source water that yield naturally soft or naturally hard wat... Read More »

What type of anode rod to use in water heater with salt softened water?

Water heaters come with a magnesium anode rod. magnesium is the best anode for fresh water.For salt water, zinc and aluminum are the two metals used. Zinc is the best anode for salt water, HOWEVER... Read More »

What is the average lifespan of a residential electric water heater with softened water?

The lifespan of an electric water heater in a residential home is 5 to 7 years. With softened water, the water heater is more likely to last closer to 7 years, as water quality affects the lifespan... Read More »

How to Feed Plants Softened Water?

While the minerals in hard water can impact your household in many undesirable ways -- from water stains on the bathtub and sinks to dingy-looking laundry and dishes -- softened water can harm plan... Read More »