How do I watch an HD DVD on my Toshiba notebook?

Answer HD DVDs were created to be the next generation format of DVDs, adding a high-definition look for enhanced quality. However, a similar format that became Blu-Ray Discs competed with and won over the... Read More »

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How do you off camera in toshiba notebook?

For any digital camera a Li ion battery is better than Nimh because it holds more charge and does not lose its charge nearly as fast when the camera is not in use.

How to Disassemble a Toshiba Satellite Notebook?

You must disassemble a Toshiba Satellite notebook to replace certain internal components or to gain access to the laptop's motherboard. Understand that opening your computer in this manner will voi... Read More »

How to Set the CMOS Clock in a Toshiba Notebook?

When your Toshiba notebook isn't powered on, it continues to store information such as the current time and date by using a small CMOS battery. If you ever make a change to your notebook's BIOS (ba... Read More »

Toshiba Notebook 1993 Specifications?

The Toshiba T1950CT, produced in 1993, was a sleek and highly capable notebook-style laptop PC. It was originally marketed for the business sector, but as laptop technology grew more affordable it... Read More »