How do I wash my Frette sheets to keep them looking new?

Answer Frette is considered by many to be the best bed linen manufacturer in the world. Started in Italy by Edmond Frette in the 1800s, the company is known for its sumptuous Egyptian cotton sheets. Frett... Read More »

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Should I Wash New Sheets Before I Put Them on My Bed?

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Do you have to wash new sheets before you put them on your bed?

Although not washing your sheets before putting them on your bed does not pose a health hazard, taking the time to wash the sheets removes excess dyes that can stain your mattress, mattress cover o... Read More »

I got blood on my sheets. What temp should I wash them on?

Use peroxide to scrub out the blood and wash them in cold water to see if the stain is 100% gone. Hot will set the stain. peroxide will bubble the blood away, just as it does on cuts. I promise ... Read More »

How do you fold fitted bed sheets to keep them compact?

When I was little and they came out with fitted sheets I ask my mother the same question.Fold sheet in half,tuck one end of corner into other and straighten out.Do the same for the other corner. Th... Read More »