How do I wash bed sheets?

Answer SortApply prewash stain treatments to soiled areas of the sheets. Place bed sheets with decorative lace, fringe or embroidery into a laundry lingerie bag, as recommended by the linen care guide fro... Read More »

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How often do you really wash your bed sheets?

Actually, I do mine whenever I think to take them with to the laundermat!! Maybe once a month! I know that is not often enough, I just don't usually think about doing my sheets that much.

How often should you wash the sheets on your bed?

Do you have to wash new sheets before you put them on your bed?

Although not washing your sheets before putting them on your bed does not pose a health hazard, taking the time to wash the sheets removes excess dyes that can stain your mattress, mattress cover o... Read More »

How often do you wash your bed sheets?

They should be washed every one or to weeks to be hygienic. People shed skin like snakes but we never notice. That's why it's better to constantly wash your sheets!