How do I wash a featherbed?

Answer PreparationRead the label on the featherbed which will tell you whether you can wash the featherbed, or whether you should have it dry-cleaned. Check the featherbed to make sure there are no tears... Read More »

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What is a featherbed?

A featherbed is a soft, thick mattress topper that is filled with down or feathers or a combination of the two. Featherbeds are placed on top of the mattress, but under the sheet, to add more softn... Read More »

How do I care for a featherbed?

Fluff, rotate and shake out your featherbed covering every few weeks. This will help maintain proper shape.Push feathers back into place when they settle in one area. Do this by placing it on a har... Read More »

Does a featherbed go on top or under a sheet?

A featherbed is meant to go on top of a mattress under a sheet. Featherbeds do have covers meant to keep them clean and fresh, and they should be used. Featherbeds come in all sizes to fit all beds... Read More »

What is a featherbed baffle box?

The term 'baffle box' in terms of feather beds refers to sewing individuals boxes (or baffles) of feathers into the mattress top, so that the down feathers inside won't all shift to one spot in the... Read More »