How do I view the video I've taken on my, on my pc?

Answer What sort of Sony handicam video camera - it makes a difference - each type uses a different method*

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Every time i click on a youtube video to view a blank page opens and and i cant view it!! can any1 help me?

How can you view pictures as they are taken?

Generally for Nikons you use and SD memory card

On Google Earth Street View, how can you tell what date the picture was taken?

The street views are at least a few years old and with the money Google makes you would think it would be updated more often!If you want live streaming images and the ability to see your house LIVE... Read More »

Is there a way for me to fix the quality of video taken by my webcam?

Try using the highest bitrate and frame rates and make sure you've got lots of light. If that doesn't so it, try capturing the video using Windows Movie Maker - it should already be on your laptop.