How do I view AVI movies on the TV?

Answer Game Console ViewingWatch an AVI movie file on a game console. Insert a blank CD or DVD into the computer's CD/DVD drive and burn the file in data disk format in a disc burning software. Use a CD f... Read More »

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Do you need 3-D glasses to view new 3-D movies?

Yes, you need 3-D glasses to view new 3-D movies. These movies use the process called stereoscopy, a technique capable of recording 3-D visual information or creating the illusion of depth using 3-... Read More »

How to View Movies on an iPod?

The iPod touch doesn't just let you take your favorite music where you go -- you can also load movies to your device and take them with you. Movies must be converted to the MP4 format before they c... Read More »

How to View VCR Movies & Not Use Cable?

Most people can't imagine a world without cable, but the fact is, a VCR no more requires a cable hookup than it requires a glass of water. If your TV is cable ready, in other words, if it has all o... Read More »

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The OmenThe Bad News Bears(The soon to be released)Rocky Horror Picture Show