How do I use the function keys?

Answer The functions keys are like shortcuts for enabling/disabling something. In laptops they are used to enable/disable WiFi/ Bluetooth switch screen to another monitor Function key + F2/F3/F4/F5

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How do I set HP function keys?

Access Keyboard PropertiesGo to the Start Menu, and click "Control Panel." Double-click "Keyboard" to open the properties window.Access the Function Key PropertiesClick the tab "Buttons." Look in t... Read More »

How to Use Excel Function Keys on a Mac?

By default, some of the function keys on a Mac computer control the computer's monitor brightness, volume level and exposé feature. These keys, however, are meant to execute certain functions in t... Read More »

How to Program Function Keys on the Dell Inspiron?

The Dell Inspiron laptop offers a variety of changeable settings that you can set to your preferences. One of the settings that you may choose to change is the "Function" keys, or "Hot Keys." Chang... Read More »

How to Use Function Keys on Compaq Presario V-3000?

Commonly displayed as "Fn," the function key is used in combination with F1 through F12. These are referred to as hotkeys, and they have a variety of uses. Many of the functions these keys perform ... Read More »