How do I use natural gas for lights?

Answer For unique outdoor lighting, natural gas fixtures are an interesting alternative to traditional electric lights. The units are available in a wide variety of styles and they may be fashioned from a... Read More »

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Are neon lights natural?

On One Hand: Neon Occurs NaturallyNeon, the element used to create neon lights, is an inert gas that occurs in nature. According to website Environmental Chemistry, you can find neon in the atmosph... Read More »

How to Convert Turn Signal Lights to Tail Lights on a Motorcycle?

Converting your motorcycle's turn signal lights to tail lights is a modification that should not be performed on a vehicle meant to be driven on the road. The reason for this is simple. Most motori... Read More »

What Are Those Little Blue Lights Under the Traffic Lights in Central Florida?

According to Orlando’s Wesh TV2, “Little blue lights on traffic signals alert authorities from all angles that the signal below it has turned red.”

Does sleeping with the lights on or with dimmed lights would affect my vision?

It is best to sleep with the lights off. It is not a vision issue, but a hormone issue. Brain hormones adjust to light and effect sleep. If you sleep on your back though it might be better for your... Read More »