How do I use liquid chlorine pool sanitizer?

Answer Get the Right EquipmentPurchase a peristaltic pump to ensure that the right amount of chlorine is added to your pool with the correct frequency. Although liquid chlorine can be poured directly into... Read More »

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How much liquid chlorine should I put in my pool?

On One Hand: Liquid or Dry Chlorine?Liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) contains between 10 and 16 percent chlorine. This chemical may be poured directly into the pool. Dry chlorine (calcium hy... Read More »

How Much Liquid Chlorine Should I Put in Brand New Above Ground Pool?

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Difference Between Liquid Bleach & Pool Chlorine?

Pool owners often notice that the liquid chlorine they bought from the pool supply store has a smell and a color that is very familiar. That's because the active ingredient in liquid chlorine is so... Read More »

How much liquid chlorine should i put in a 24-foot above ground pool?

A 24-foot above ground pool contains about 11,895 gallons of water, and to calculate the amount of cholorine that needs to go in it would also require knowing the Free Available Chlorine (FAC) leve... Read More »