How do I use leather tools?

Answer Leather working is a complex art, and leather itself is a tough material. There are many leather tools designed for both functional and decorative leather alteration. In order to get started with l... Read More »

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Leather Supplies & Tools?

Leather craft retailer Tandy Leather Factory listed about 1,960 items in its October 2009 catalog, including the leather itself. The tools and supplies generally fall into three categories: tooling... Read More »

Old Leather Working Tools?

Although no longer a necessary skill for the creation of items needed in everyday life, leather working is still popular among crafty hobbyists. Many modern tools make the hobby easier than it used... Read More »

Hand Die Cutting Tools for Leather?

In leatherworking, die cutting is the process of leather stamping and punching. This is used to press various shapes into the leather or to cut the surface of it. Most amateur and hobby leatherwork... Read More »

Shoe Leather Working Tools?

Few people make their own shoes these days, instead buying them from retail stores or specialty shoe shops. Shoe making has become a lost art due to the advance of mass production. However, for som... Read More »