How do I use herbs to help quit smoking?

Answer You've decided that you no longer want smoking to be a part of your life. Now you're looking for help in kicking the habit. Rather than rely on drugs or just plain will power, you can use herbs to ... Read More »

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Can YOU help me to quit Smoking.?

Take a resolution. Think enough is enough. Declare and announce it in a big gathering. Then it becomes binding on you. That is the first step. Throw away the cigarette in front of the announ... Read More »

Help to Quit Smoking?

I'm probably going to get a lot of thumbs down for this but I found the easiest time I had quitting was when I changed everything. I had just graduated college so I was moving out on my own, chang... Read More »

Need help to quit smoking?

Get a copy of Allen Carr's 'Easy way to stop smoking'. Read it and you will be able to stop. It has worked for my son, my daughter and a number of friends who wanted to stop.

Trying to quit smoking help?

I use to Smoke Alto like 2 packs of marlboro a day and for 14 years. According to how much you smoke a day, Lets say every hour you have a cigarette. get a timer or use your cell phone and put an a... Read More »