How do I use grommets?

Answer Grommets are plastic or metal devices used in a variety of ways to reinforce holes in an object. Installing grommets can range in difficulty from simple do-it-yourself home projects to medical proc... Read More »

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What are grommets made from?

Grommets are rings or eyelets used as seals or gaskets. Sometimes, grommets are used for a decorative look on clothing. They are usually made from metal, often brass, but from plastic, rubber or fi... Read More »

How to Install Grommets?

A black rubber grommet and a strip of grommet edging.Grommets can keep sharp sheet metal panels from slicing electrical wires, tubing, and other items passing through or across them. They are also ... Read More »

Problems with ear grommets?

This happened to me and the pain was due to the grommets making their own way out. Go back to your doctor if the pain keeps up.

How far apart do you space curtain grommets?

6.75 Inches passed the Burton Clift Hanger.