How do I use excel to make all the four digit combinations between 0-9?

Answer If by "four digits" you mean the whole numbers (integers) ranging from 0 through 9999, then follow these steps: • Open a new worksheet. • In cell A1, enter the number one (1). • In cel... Read More »

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How many different combinations are there for a 3-digit lock?

The possible combinations for a three-digit lock depend on the allowable digits. Richard R. Rupnik, an internal auditor for Lucent Technologies, explains that the calculation is 10 raised to the th... Read More »

How to Make Excel Accept 20 Digit Numbers?

The popular Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software comes with a set of specifications and limits that include how much data it can handle. One of those is a 15-digit limit for numbers it stores, whic... Read More »

Microsoft Excel = list all unique combinations in "sets" HELP!?

The following macro will generate all the combinations and list them in range E1:H495. Your list of 12 items is assumed to be in A1:A12. You may need guidance on how to copy and run the macro:Sub... Read More »

How to Format a Zip Code to a US 5 Digit Standard in Excel?

When Zip Codes in Microsoft Excel are entered into a cell that start or end with a zero, that zero digit can be removed automatically by the program when editing of the cell is finished. Formatting... Read More »