How do I use embroidery thread wraps?

Answer Secure one end of your embroidery floss in the small cut out on top of the thread wrap or bobbin. Begin to wind the floss around the center of the wrap. Pull gently to remove the floss from the ske... Read More »

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How do I thread an embroidery needle?

Prepare YarnCut a sharp end of the yarn or floss, eliminating frayed ends. If you struggle to produce a sharp end, roll the floss or yarn between your thumb and first two fingers to produce a smoo... Read More »

Can you launder embroidery thread?

Cotton embroidery thread, also known as floss, can be hand or machine washed. Silk or wool floss should always be hand washed to avoid color bleeding and shrinkage. If in doubt, always hand wash ge... Read More »

How do I wrap hair embroidery thread?

Embroidery ThreadChoose three to five colors of embroidery floss to use for the hair wrap. Cut a length of each that is at least three times as long as the hair that will be wrapped, so you don't r... Read More »

How do I wind thread on a spool for embroidery?

Mark the SpoolSlide the paper wrappers off the thread. Use a permanent marker to write the floss color number on the paper spool. Embroidery thread comes in many colors, so it is important to note ... Read More »