How do I use color text or background in a chat room?

Answer AIMLog into your AOL Instant Messenger with your username and password. Choose "Menu" from the top menu bar. Click "Settings" and choose "General IM Settings." At the bottom of the screen, choose t... Read More »

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How do I enlarge the text size in a chat room?

It all depends on the flexibility of the chat room, and how well it was designed when being developed. There may or may not be a way.If you had given the chat room URL, then we could have checked ... Read More »

How to remove the light blue background color of text copied from Wikipedia ?

First of all, you shouldn't copy text from Wikipedia for an assignment. This is plagiarism, and most teachers can recognize it if they see it, have software to check any given phrase from your assi... Read More »

Where's a good place for teens to chat that isn't a chat room and isn't Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook?

How to Chat Online With Yourself in wikiHow's IRC Chat Room?

Want to experiment with shortcuts in wikiHow's IRC Chat Room but don't want to interrupt anyone? Maybe you want to practice but you don't want to do it in the public chat room, and you don't have a... Read More »