How do I use cleverbot?

Answer How do i get cleverbot? i am a MLIA reader too haha. PS i have a mac

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How to use Cleverbot?

I suppose you saw that on MLIA. I just type in stuff. And wait. It's kinda stupid though.

How do you defeat Cleverbot?

Cleverbot isn't very clever at all:User: What are fog horns made out of?Cleverbot: I am made of flesh, bones and skin.User: You are not a fog horn.Cleverbot: I am not a man.User: How long is a foot... Read More »

Why should the cleverbot app be free?

The cleverbot app should be free because:1. it's not worth $0.992. if you can chat on the Internet with it for free, the app should be free too.3. you need wi-fi for the app and also for the Intern... Read More »

How to Confuse Cleverbot?

Want to make that annoying Cleverbot get confused? Read this!