How do I use an external microphone with my digital camcorder?

Answer That model doesn't not have an external microphone jack. I don't know of any "real" camcorders that record in MPEG. Most non-HD cams record in .avi. Yours records in AVCHD, which is getting pret... Read More »

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Can i use iphone' s built-in microphone instead of external microphone to connect to the car stereo with built-in bluetooth?

Go to your setting Privacy Click reset my phone WARNING:it will delete all you app store accounts,also all of your apps you downloaded all of your contacts and all of you messages #ilovebeingme

How Can I Get an External Microphone to Work With a Panasonic PV-GS?

The Panasonic PV-G5 is a digital video camera that comes with a built-in microphone port. This allows you to connect outside microphones with a standard 3.5mm cable connection. Although this is not... Read More »

How to Use an External Microphone With an iPhone Jack?

Whether you're recording an interview, a music demo or a simple voice reminder, you may want better sound quality than the iPhone's internal microphone can provide. To improve the quality of your r... Read More »

What's a good value DVD camcorder with a microphone port?

Check the Canon MV series. They are the equivalent of the US Canon ZR series. Be advised that while they do have a 1/8" mic jack, they do not have manual audio control - this may not be an issue fo... Read More »