How do I use a sharpening stone?

Answer Oil the StoneOil the sharpening stone before use. Each stone has its own oil. Please refer to the stone's manual to verify which oil should be used with the specific stone.Bevel AngleReference your... Read More »

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How do I unclog a sharpening stone?

Use Honing OilRub clean honing oil on the stone when you are finished sharpening. Massage the oil into the stone until you see bits of metal and debris come out. Continue massaging until all the me... Read More »

How do I clean a wet sharpening stone?

Wipe the StoneRinse the sharpening stone under cold water in a sink if you are using a water -based honing oil. Wipe dry with a clean cloth with no water if you are using a petroleum-based honing ... Read More »

How do I sharpen knives with a sharpening stone?

Stone SelectionSelect the stone to use. The best is natural silica stones, but synthetic stones work well, according to The main thing to look for is the stone's coarseness. If the ... Read More »

DIY Sharpening Jig?

Twist drill bits can dull with regular use and, without the proper tools, can be a bit tricky to sharpen. However, if you have a bench grinder with an adjustable tool rest, you can build a simple D... Read More »