How do I use a pulley puller?

Answer Many types of pulleys are used on cars, trucks and other machinery. Frequently during the repair this equipment a pulley must be removed for access or replacement; this requires a pulley puller. As... Read More »

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How to Use a Pulley Puller?

Pulleys are typically pressed onto the shafts on which they mount. The outside diameter of the shaft is slightly larger than the inside diameter of the pulley hole, resulting in an interference or ... Read More »

How to Use a Pulley Puller Tool?

Pulley pullers are special tools designed to remove pulleys and gears off of a motor shaft or a drive shaft. These tools use claws to pull the pulley off while pushing on the shaft to which the pul... Read More »

Pulley Puller Instructions?

Pulleys press into place to ensure they do not become loose while you are operating a vehicle. This makes a pulley impossible to remove by hand. A pulley puller uses pulling force to remove the pul... Read More »

How to Use a Power Steering Pulley Puller?

Power steering pulleys are usually fitted on the pump shaft by pressing and the assembly is held together with friction. Hence, if you wish to remove the power steering pulley, it cannot be done by... Read More »